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Your rights and ours under the Copyright Laws

Mask US, Inc. is committed to combating fraudulent use of its images, product designs and product names (collectively “products”). All Mask US Inc’s products are registered with the United States Copyright Office, Library of Congress. As such, appropriate action will be taken when it is discovered that our products are being used in violation of applicable Copyright Laws pursuant to the Copyright Act of 1976, 17 U.S.C.


All Authorized Distributors may use our products as outlined in any applicable agreement. Additionally, in compliance with the Fair Use doctrine, our products may used in posts such as blogs, news feeds, reviews, and similar posts, but ONLY when said product is credited to Mask US, Inc. and a link to is included.


Any person, business, or other entity, whether online or off, (henceforth the “user”), who is not an Authorized Distributor, may not use any of Mask US, Inc’s products, in whole or part, for any purpose which may suggest or imply that the user is authorized to sell or offer for sale or manufactures a Mask US, Inc. product or suggests that the user represents Mask US, Inc.

Regardless of the user, Mask US, Inc. shall retain full and exclusive ownership of its products. Mask US, Inc products are not "free", or for a fee, to download or share, except as provide by law, e.g. Fair Use. Any user found violating said ownership shall, upon formal notification, cease and desist using said products, removing same from all web pages, servers or other storage devices, and/or print media.

Copyright violations hurt all of us. Your cooperation in respecting our copyright, as well as others, is greatly appreciated.

All Mask US, Inc. mascot costumes are designed and manufactured in the United States at our San Diego, California facility. So whether you are buying directly from us or an authorized distributor, Mask US mascot costumes are only and always made in America!

If you suspect a copyright violation of any of our products, please Contact Us so we may investigate the matter. Thank you.

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