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All Mascot Costume Categories - Mask U.S., Inc.

Animal Mascots
Arctic Creatures • Bears • Bees & Insects • Cats • Christmas Animals • Desert Animals • Dogs • Ducks • Eagles & Birds • Fantasy Creatures • Farm Animals • Forest Animals • Jungle Animals • Mice • Ocean Animals • Rabbits • Reptiles & Amphibians • Tigers & Lions
People Mascots
Christmas Characters • Cowboys & Indians • Halloween • Knights • Patriotic Characters • Pirates & Devils • Trojans & Vikings • Other (Miscellaneous Characters)
School Mascots
Mascot costumes for use by high schools, colleges, universities, elementary schools, as well as costume rental shops, including Lions, Tigers, Panthers, Eagles, Wolverines and more.
Accessories for your mascot costume: Cool vests to keep you cool, totes to transport your mascot, extra fans, feet and mitts are also available, as well as muscle and fat suits!
RSA Members Only
Mascots for members of the Roller Skating Association including Roller Roo, Kooky A. Bird, Party Panda, Bunny Rabbit, Goofy Gorilla and more.
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