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Product ID A2003
Cold Cap
Cool Cap, Mascot Costume Cooling Cap Accessory
Price: $20.00
Product ID A2006
Cold Combo Pack
Mascot Costume Cold Combo Pack
Includes: Cold Tote, Cold Vest, Cold Collar, and Cold Refills.
Price: $400.00
Product ID A2001
Cold Vest
Cold Vest, Mascot Costume Cooling Vest Accessory
Set Of Cool Packs Included
Price: $200.00
Product ID A2002
Cool Collar
Cool Collar, Mascot Costume Cooling Collar Accessory
Price: $50.00
Product ID A2004
Cool Refills
Cool Refills, Refills for Mascot Costume Cold Vest Accessory
Price: $125.00
Product ID A2005
Cool Tote
Mascot Costume Cool Carrying Tote
Price: $100.00
Product ID A2020
Cooling Fan
Cooling Fan, 9 Volt Mascot Costume Cooling Fan Accessory
Requires 9 volt battery (not included)
Price: $50.00
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